Aims and Scope

Aims and objectives of women in culture and art are as follows:


Making articles freely available to researchers and those interested in the field in light of gender studies in cultural and artistic fields.

Showcasing the ingenuity of women in this domain

Illustrative of the ways in which societal cultural and social issues impact the lives of women.

The objective of this journal is to disseminate innovative articles that are derived from the research findings of scholars. Our aspiration is that these scholars, through their critical analysis and assessment of the scientific community, establish a foundation for advancing our knowledge regarding women as a collective and their specific circumstances within the cultural and artistic spheres. These endeavors will additionally foster an environment conducive to the advancement of Iranian women on a societal level.


Journal Scope

Articles are accepted in the following fields (with a gender approach).


Persian literature



Aesthetics and art





Therefore, the Women in Culture and Art journal cordially solicits all scholars to contribute their scholarly articles pertaining to these disciplines.