Peer Review Process

Peer Review Policy

In Woman in Culture and Art a double-blind process is used for reviewing papers, so that the Reviewer does not know the identity of the author/s and vice versa. The journal’s staff put their best efforts to announce the first response after the paper’s evaluation to the author in charge maximum within three months.


Ethical considerations for reviewers



  • Confidentiality of article information must be observed in all areas. The article review process is to be done anonymously.
  • Reviewers should judge articles at the appropriate time and assist the editorial team in deciding whether or not to accept the article.
  • The referees' suggestions regarding the published articles should be submitted in the form of judging forms and in the comment section for the author and editor.
  • Reviewers should refrain from judging articles with conflict of interest and report any conflict of interest as soon as possible.
  • Reviewers' judgments about the quality and content of articles should be based on professional and objective opinions.



The process of accepting articles in the Journal of Woman in Culture and Art is as follows:


  • Receiving the article submitted in two files (main file of the article and the names of the authors’ file)
  • Preliminary review and determining the appropriateness of the article with the journal’s issues
  • Using a similarity finder platform to check the authenticity of the article
  • Reviewing the article in the editorial board to determine either its approval to enter peer review process or its rejection
  • If the article was approved to enter the process of peer review, the author will be asked to pay for the initial review fee
  • Submit the article to at least two referees
  • Rejection of the article by two referees results in the article rejection
  • Acceptance of one referee and rejection by the other leads to sending the manuscript to a third referee
  • Acceptance of two referees conditionally and due to make revisions results in sending the manuscript to the author for revisions
  • Completing the evaluation and judging process in less than three months
  • Re-evaluating the revised article by the editor or the referees if necessary
  • Revising the article by the author if necessary
  • Editor's approval and scientific acceptance of the article
  • Paying for the publication fee by the author
  • Placing the article in the queue for publication